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  • Heating with wood is always the right choice

Wood is definitely superior compared to fossil energy sources when it comes to price stability and to local disposability. You are independent of price changes associated with oil and independent of suppliers from foreign countries because you are able to grow your energy source in your own property. That is why we truly believe that heating with wood is our future.

10 reasons for heating with wood

  • Carbon dioxide released during combustion is combined with sun energy to create new biomass.
  • If a sustainable usage of forests is practiced, wood always rebuilds itself.
  • The raw material wood is part of a fantastic ecosystem that is natural and important for humans and animals.
  • Only wood that does not have any particular purpose in this ecosystem is used as a natural and green energy source.
  • Cropping and treating of the timber only needs a small amount of energy.
  • The transport distances of the raw material are short due to the local production and it is not harmful to the environment.
  • Wood can be easily stored at the production site.
  • The local economy benefits from this method of heating.
  • Using wood as an energy source improves the relationship between humans and nature.
  • Modern biomass heating systems that are checked and controlled regularly by experts are able to win any comparison to fossil energy source systems.
An even balance: During combustion, wood releases only the amount of CO2 that was absorbed during the growth. This means that heating with wood is a green way of producing heat.

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