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  • Innovative thinking – responsible acting

  • Innovative thinking – responsible acting

  • Innovative thinking – responsible acting

For almost 40 years now we have been connecting innovative thinking with responsible action, advocating for an eco-friendly way of producing heat and developing eclectic products and services for all kind of departments – from private households to industry buildings to municipal facilities.

Today over 200 HDG employees live this philosophy. They know what they are doing, converting old knowledge into new and making continuous improvements. Technically mature and robust products build the foundation, wide-ranged and honest counseling, individual help with the planning of the heating facility and last but not least responsible actions and human appreciation constitute what makes HDG unique.

Being a Bavarian, family company, we are proud of producing locally and being able to offer flexible solutions for our customers that are “made in Germany”. That`s why we have over 75,000 happy clients. We not only live sustainability when it comes to our products, but we also take responsibility in all areas like humans, society, economy, nature and climate.

The HDG manager team (left to right): managing director Martin Ecker, proprietor Eva Ackermann and managing director Harald Benkert.

HDG History

  • HDG Kessel- und Apparatebau GmbH was founded in 1978. A large, 2600 m² production-hall for the fabrication of eco-friendly boilers was built in Massing.

  • The legendary HDG Bavaria was released in 1978. The heating system with practically smoke-free incineration gained attention throughout Europe.

  • 1983 Karl Ackermann was rewarded for his effort with the highest Federal Cross of Merit.

  • In 1990 Eva Ackermann, the youngest daughter of Karl and Therese Ackermann, joined the company. The business economist brought a breath of fresh air to the company, especially in the human resources department and is at the forefront of a thorough modernization of the company.

  • In 1993 HDG has some 130 employees. The team spirit and the solidarity has been a great asset of the company, both then and now. Many of the employees from the picture still work at HDG 20 years later.

  • The groundbreaking “HDG Euro” was released in 1996 One year later, in 1997, the new boiler was awarded with the Federal Award of Innovation.

  • The “HDG Compact“ was released in 1998 – a fully automated heating system for burning wood chips and shavings. Just like the HDG Euro, the “Compact” was awarded with the Federal Award of Innovation shortly after the market launch.

  • 2002 was the market launch of the ”Pelletmaster”. The first pellet boilerof HDG and it was awarded with the IF Design Award in 2004. In the same time, export was a topic with increasing popularity: The distribution network incorporates almost every country around Germany.

  • The groundbreaking of the new center for the customer service and the administration and a new hall for production and logistics happened in 2005…

  • … but Karl Ackermann sadly was not there for the competion. The “senior boss” dies surprisingly short after his 75th birthday.

  • In 2008, HDG celebrates its 30 year anniversary with a large summer celebration. Numerous representatives from politics and the business sector did us the honor and took part in the celebration with moving speeches and emotional moments. It was a successful evening.

  • The HDG K-serial replaces the ”Pelletmaster” in 2011. At the same time, the “HDG M300-400” – a wood chip and pellet heating system – had its market launch. Now the product spectrum is complete.

  • In 2014 the HDG staff had to take leave of the company co-founder Therese Ackermann.

  • The building of a new logistics centrum with a utility space of 1800 m² started in 2014. With a investment volume of 1.5 million euros, the construction is a real commitment to the production in the region of South-Bavaria and the location in Massing.

  • In the beginning of 2015 two products of HDG – the “HDG Compact 25-80” and the log wood boiler “HDG F” – were awarded with the iF Design Award. Both boilers are representatives of the new design series that HDG developed in cooperation with the product designer Stefan Otzelberger.

  • Also in the year 2015 the previous distribution partner in Austria "Ligno heating systems" and HDG combine their know-how. Also in the year 2015 the previous distribution partner in Austria – Ligno heating systems and HDG - combine their know-how. Both experts in the sector of wood heating systems lead their competences together in one last step.

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